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While looking for a new home, you are often faced with the dilemma of whether to go in for a ready-to-move-in property or one at its pre-launch or launching phase. While the first option gives you a real-time look and feel..

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Advantages of buying a property at its launch phase

The concept of bonsai, which originated in China but is widely known as Japanese art, is the craft of growing a plant to assume a miniature form through special training methods involving techniques of extreme dwarfing...

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Bonsais and their benefits

Sometimes though we tend to overlook the safety and security systems and protocols in place at our new apartment we are about to move into. This is all the more relevant in view of the rising crime rate...

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Security features to consider before booking a flat

Kolkata, which has been terribly supersaturated in the heart of the city for a long time now...

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Joka The New Real Estate Hotspot

Land is always a critical asset but how does one put a price tag to a parcel of land...

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Pio-Vista Quarterly News Letter of Pioneer Property Management

Consumer Buying Preferences at New Town Rajarhat Kolkata...

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Consumer Buying Preferences at New Town Rajarhat, Kolkata

Kolkata, traditionally an end-user driven market has exhibited vibrant growth in residential real estate market in the past few years.The core city grows....

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Kolkata real estate

Eastern Metropolitan Bypass or EM Bypass can be reckoned as one of the major lifelines of Kolkata which has moved much ahead of the curve...

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EM Bypass

The importance of agents or consultants in an organized real estate market is pivotal.The consultants act as a compact bridge between the buyers and sellers help...

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