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Staying at Kshitij will never let you feel tedious or monotonous! Equipped with all the state-of-the-art amenities, there is something for everyone. One can engage themselves with the plethora of activities that Kshitij has to offer.

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Kshitij: A Getaway to Nature & Tranquility at the Heart of Dumdum by Amaya Realty

In the recent past India, and every other nation has witnessed history, the spread of Covid-19 have forced everyone to stay at home. Despite all the challenges that the pandemic has thrown at us, 2020 became the most favourable time for investing in real estate, since 2017.

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Covid-19 Triggering The Demand Of Residential Real Estate!

West Bengal's real-estate developers are witnessing a ‘slow revival in sales’ after lockdown rules eased, a builders association has introduced a ‘digital’ campaign to woo buyers.

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Consumer Buying Preferences at New Town Rajarhat Kolkata...

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Consumer Buying Preferences at New Town Rajarhat, Kolkata

Economic Crisis Revival through Real Estate...

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Economic Crisis Revival through Real Estate

Corporate expansion policies of the Bengal government...

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Journal of PIoneer Property Management Limited- 4th to 10th April

Kolkata, traditionally an end-user driven market has exhibited vibrant growth in residential real estate market in the past few years.The core city grows....

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Eastern Metropolitan Bypass or EM Bypass can be reckoned as one of the major lifelines of Kolkata which has moved much ahead of the curve...

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EM Bypass

The importance of agents or consultants in an organized real estate market is pivotal.The consultants act as a compact bridge between the buyers and sellers help in facilitating smooth transactions and thereby equilibrate the market forces evenly..

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