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Navigating your way through the commercial real estate market is a huge challenge. To face up to it, you will need to plan meticulously based on your business needs, costs involved the ideal location, long-term expansion plans...

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Navigating the commercial real estate market in Kolkata

Emerging property technology (proptech) solutions like virtual/augmented reality, artificial intelligence, blockchain, big data analytics and Internet of Things (IoT) have collectively been a gamechanger...

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Role of technology in transforming Kolkata's real estate industry

A leave and licence agreement is a legal document that gives the licensee permission to occupy the property of the licensor. As opposed to a rental arrangement, a leave and licence agreement gives the landlord...

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What is leave and licence agreement?

Kolkata, which has been terribly supersaturated in the heart of the city for a long time now...

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Joka The New Real Estate Hotspot

Land is always a critical asset but how does one put a price tag to a parcel of land...

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Pio-Vista Quarterly News Letter of Pioneer Property Management

Consumer Buying Preferences at New Town Rajarhat Kolkata...

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Consumer Buying Preferences at New Town Rajarhat, Kolkata

Kolkata, traditionally an end-user driven market has exhibited vibrant growth in residential real estate market in the past few years.The core city grows....

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Kolkata real estate

Eastern Metropolitan Bypass or EM Bypass can be reckoned as one of the major lifelines of Kolkata which has moved much ahead of the curve...

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EM Bypass

The importance of agents or consultants in an organized real estate market is pivotal.The consultants act as a compact bridge between the buyers and sellers help...

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