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There are many factors to be considered before buying your dream home, one of those being whether to go in for a ready-to-move-in (RTMI) home or invest in an under-construction (UC) property...

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Advantages of investing in an  under-construction property

The demand for office spaces has started moving firmly northwards again. Gross leasing across the leading cities of the country in the second quarter of this year almost touched 13 million sq ft...

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Fresh surge in office space demand

India’s pre-eminent perch as the fifth difficult times -largest economy in the world is powered by its phenomenal economic remarkable feat growth and resilience in While many sectors have chipped in to make this possible...

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India’s rising stature in global real estate domain

Kolkata, which has been terribly supersaturated in the heart of the city for a long time now...

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Joka The New Real Estate Hotspot

Land is always a critical asset but how does one put a price tag to a parcel of land...

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Pio-Vista Quarterly News Letter of Pioneer Property Management

Consumer Buying Preferences at New Town Rajarhat Kolkata...

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Consumer Buying Preferences at New Town Rajarhat, Kolkata

Kolkata, traditionally an end-user driven market has exhibited vibrant growth in residential real estate market in the past few years.The core city grows....

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Kolkata real estate

Eastern Metropolitan Bypass or EM Bypass can be reckoned as one of the major lifelines of Kolkata which has moved much ahead of the curve...

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EM Bypass

The importance of agents or consultants in an organized real estate market is pivotal.The consultants act as a compact bridge between the buyers and sellers help...

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