May 29, 2023

Best gifting ideas for housewarming

Moving house is always a massive milestone worth celebrating, whether you are relocating to your dream apartment or a new rental place. The joyous occasion of housewarming is made even more memorable by friends and family who gather to shower you with their best wishes and share your special moment with you.

If you are on this invitee list, you must choose your housewarming gift with care and thought, keeping in mind the lifestyle and taste of the hosts, the spatial pattern and look and feel of the new home and last but not the least, your budget for the spend. There are a plethora of gifting options to choose from. You only need to apply your mind to the task to find the right one for the hosts.

Here are some gifting ideas while going to a housewarming party:

# Home appliances: In today’s breakneck lifestyle, most families are striving to cut manual labour in completing daily chores so that they can manage their time better. In this scenario, you can scarcely go wrong with home appliances as gift ideas to celebrate housewarming. Contraptions like air-fryers, juicer-blenders, coffee-makers, vacuum cleaners, electric kettles, etc., can be extremely useful and welcome solutions.

# Bluetooth speakers: Portable Bluetooth speakers are a wonderful gifting idea for lovers of music, since they can carry their favourite tunes around the house with them, from the living room to the kitchen and even to the bathroom. These speakers are now easily available in a variety of sizes and price points.

# Reusable flower jars: A bouquet of colourful flowers in a pretty, reusable glass jar is a great gift idea, since the elegant flower pot can be subsequently used for indoor plants or simply as part of the overall home décor.

# Reading lights: So many of us and our friends love to read and often stay up late to indulge our passion. For people like them, study lights can constitute a dear-to-heart housewarming gift. Nothing too extravagant or fancy, just warm and functional and personal.

# Fitness equipment: If your hosts are extremely fitness conscious, you could check with them what else they can do with and figure out a suitable gift. This might be one of those new AI-based fitness apps, a stationary bike or ab-crunchers. Don’t forget to check space available and what they already have.

# Wall décor: Tastefully coordinated wall décor accents like stickers, posters, hangings, shelves, framed paintings, etc. have the power of brightening up the entire house and draping everything with a happy vibe. Do keep in mind the colour scheme used for the house and also the style and personality of the new home owner/tenant.

# Lifestyle gift ideas: For hosts who are inherently stylish and flamboyant, you can choose from a clutch of lifestyle gift ideas like an LED liquor shelf, garden sprinklers, wall-mounted speakers, aroma diffusers, smart indoor planters, exotic potpourri, bean bags, scented candles, etc.

# Cozy gift ideas for close friends: For that best buddy or favourite cousin setting up a new home, often, quirky and fun gift ideas can work best. You can relive the good times you have had together by choosing from stuff like throw cushions, wall or hobby art, memorabilia, cheese board or a personalized rug. Champagne and wine or bespoke wine glasses also work well for close friends who are social drinkers. Or, for that matter, a mulled wine cocktail kit, complete with infusion bags and recipe guide.

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Best gifting ideas for housewarming