January 10, 2024

Importance of colours in Vastu science

When we think of colours, we often think of decoration or a spruce-up. However, colours are much more than just embellishment. Different shades have differing impacts on our emotional make-up, chain of thought and even the way we act or react. Not only this, each colour has unique properties that have an effect on our health, happiness, career path, etc, according to Vastu science.

Vastu Shastra or Vedic Astrology is an age-old science that works by harnessing energies, by channeling positive verve into our homes. When done right, this can pave the way for good luck, peace of mind and a sense of positivity in our thought process, the science maintains. Activation of positive energy is done by using specific shades for different directions and zones, designed to abate the negative influence of each element.

Very often, we take care to ensure that all objects are placed in the right direction as per Vastu science, preserving the equilibrium among the five natural elements. Still, we aren’t getting the desired effects. Perhaps, we have forgotten to use recommended colours for specific living spaces as suggested by Vastu.

After all, different colours affect our mood, sentiments and physical energy in different ways, since each shade has its own vibration or wavelength. In our subconscious, we react to the colours surrounding us, soaking in their characteristics easily. A specific wall colour will either make you feel comfortable and relaxed, or cause some unease and stress. Hence, this harmony between living spaces and colours used is very important, according to Vastu.

Appropriate colour schemes for various living spaces

# Living room: This is where we spend a lot of time with our family and also entertain guests. Since this is the section of our home open to outsiders, the place should always exude warmth and positive energy. This happy mood can be accentuated by shades like light yellow, light green, or even beige.

# Bedroom: This is the most private section of your home, where you can just be yourself, without the need for masking your feelings. This is where you can share your innermost sentiments, strengths and flaws. To ward off negative thoughts and energies, you can go for colours like pale green, lavender and a range of shades from the blue family.

# Kitchen: Food is not only for sustenance and nutrition, it also excites us and is a reason to come together. The kitchen is where our meals are prepared with love and affection. It’s wise to use happy colours like orange, yellow, rose or red. Steer clear of black.

# Kids’ room: Children always have energy to burn and they need this boundless energy to be channeled into a positive direction. Vibrant colours like bright red, orange, yellow or pink usually go well in kids’ rooms, promoting gainful engagement.

# Bathroom: This is also a private space where we like to get rid of our negative energies and emerge fresh and clean from. A neutral colour palette should be the ideal choice for bathrooms.

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