November 28, 2018

Importance of Informed Buyer

The demand side of any market is dominated by buyers. Their importance is prodigious but being an informed buyer is of maximum importance.

![Importance of informed buyer]( "Importance of Informed Buyer") **Better decision making**

Information gives knowledge and knowledge gives power. An informed buyer is knowledgeable and powerful. Gone are the days where the sellers played the role of an educator and the buyers customized themselves to the product. Today’s world is perfectly competitive, perfectly informative and knowledge dissemination is universal. This gives leverage to the buyers to harness and predict the market forces correctly and make better decisions.

**Role of a credible agent**

In an organized real estate market, the buyers today are perfectly informed but since their decisions involve major financial undertaking and psychological attributes, they often tend to take sub-optimal decisions. Here comes the role of a credible agent. With the help of diverse and seasoned market knowledge that a credible agent brings on board, buyers can get completely assured of where they are parking their money into. An informed buyer gets more sense of assurance by consulting a credible agent. With the introduction of RERA (Real Estate Regulatory Authority), the importance of a credible real estate agent has become much more prominent. The three areas where an informed buyer gets leverage by consulting a credible real estate agent are as follows: · Detailed information · Trustworthiness and reputation · End-to-end solution **Collaborated efforts: All that it takes!** An informed decision making is an outcome of collaborated market efforts. A buyer becomes informed when he leverages all the necessary market forces and then takes judicious decisions based on them. A collaborated effort with the agents and other stakeholders like the local government, regulatory bodies is very much necessary that makes a buyer completely informed and thereby helps in taking wise decisions. _Image Courtesy: