May 12, 2023

Importance of open space in a gated community

With the continuous migration of people from smaller towns to metro cities, and time an increasingly precious commodity, gated communities have been sprouting in big cities and its fringes. And why not? In today’s breakneck urban lifestyle, this seems to be the perfect solution, combining the pleasures of aesthetics and the benefits of functionality.

Real estate developers investing in this domain are providing a host of attractive add-ons like parks, children’s play areas, jogging and cycling trails, outdoor sports facilities, swimming pool, landscaped gardens, formatted meeting areas, yoga and meditation centre and a lot more.

The idea is to provide a whole gamut of options within the walls of the gated community itself so that residents don’t need to step out for many pursuits, while providing the tools and encouragement to stay fit as well as active and passive entertainment. However, the biggest plus that residents have come to value in these projects is the sense of bonding that tends to develop with your neighbours, thus fostering a community feeling that’s priceless.

Some of the advantages of open space in a gated community include:

# Better quality of life: The wide, open spaces ensure better ventilation, less pollution and noise and as a consequence, a more peaceful and better-quality life. You look forward to coming home after a grueling day at work as the greenery and peace and the inviting pool beckon. Once you are inside, you have all the accoutrements to spend real quality time with your family.

# Live healthy: The abundance of greenery and open space and access to sports like tennis and swimming and even open-air workout zones provide you and your family the right ingredients and motivation to stay fit and healthy. The peace and quiet can be surprisingly de-stressing after a hard week or a tough day and have a profoundly positive psychological impact on residents, improving their emotional and spiritual well-being.

# Secured ROI: The demand for gated residential projects has been steadily on the rise, even before Covid-19 struck. After the pandemic, it has only gathered momentum as most home-seekers these days prefer living in a large-format gated development rather than a standalone house so that they can avail of home-plus features like large open spaces, better security, a plethora of outdoor activities and the general peace and quiet. When this format is so coveted, a handsome return on your investment is obviously guaranteed.

# Bond better with neighbours: The large open spaces are designed to encourage social interaction. Residents tend to gather at common meeting areas, engaging in conversation that promotes camaraderie and friendship. This internal community becomes very important and precious in today’s rushed, volatile and unpredictable world where social interaction is otherwise diminishing and often neighbours aren’t even acquainted with one another.

# Bonus for kids, elderly: For growing children and the elderly residents, the open spaces in a complex are a boon. The kids can play and run around, thus getting valuable physical exercise while making friends and enjoying themselves thoroughly. This is critical for their physical and mental development and a bonus for their parents who don’t have to take them outside to pursue physical activities. Similarly, the aged residents can go on their routine of morning or evening walks in a serene and secure environment and interact with others of their age group that can help relieve stress and fight loneliness.

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Importance of open space in a gated community