November 23, 2018

Resale Property: Leverage over Under-construction Property!

Yes it is true! Resale properties enjoy first hand leverage over under-construction properties in the current scenario.
![Resale Property: Leverage over Under-construction Property]( "enter image title here") **Lesser Cost**
Resale properties actually put lesser burden on pockets than under-construction properties. The major demand for resale properties comes from the end-users. On the supply side, with significant volume of inventories, investors do not mind offering the buyers at marginally discounted rates which gives a win-win situation for both buyers and sellers. In the current scenario, quality properties from reputed developers are available for possession at rates previously available to buyers willing to wait for two years or more for possession. Furthermore, the buyers also receive GST waiver for resale properties as compared to under-construction properties.

**Rental benefit**
People opting for under construction properties will have to choose an alternative rental property to live until they get the possession for the property. In case of resale properties, there comes no question of delay in possession and people actually save the rental that they have to bear in case of under-construction properties.

**What you see is what you get**
People opting for resale properties buy what they see. Fully functional amenities and ready specifications give the buyers the full conviction of where they are putting their hard-earned money in. Skepticism often arises regarding the amenities in the minds of the buyers when they are going for under-construction properties.
Precisely, resale properties provide a firsthand leverage over under-construction properties and the trend of consumption is more towards resale properties in the current scenario. Furthermore, with renowned real estate consultants your search for your dream property becomes easier!