August 26, 2022

Simple home-improvement solutions

We often wonder how to give our home a makeover without spending a fortune on total overhaul. Well, all you need to do is to settle on some overarching theme and let your creative juices flow. The tiniest of DIY changes can sometimes have a huge impact and make your old home look sparkling new. It just requires a little bit of work and of course your bright ideas.

Here are some simple tips to make your home look better:

# Go for a fresh coat of paint: You will be surprised what a fresh coat of paint can do to lift your old home. You can try an accent wall on your living room or bedroom and go for a painted ceiling. While at it, repainting your kitchen cabinet isn’t a bad idea.

# Replace old fixtures: Replacing old light fixtures and ceiling fans with new, contemporary-design fittings can have a dramatic impact. Cutting-edge designs are easily available these days and with the wiring already in place, old fixtures can be easily replaced.

# Swap white light with yellow: While on light fixtures, replacing the white bulbs in your home with calming yellow ones is another simple trick that can bring about a significant transformation in the ambience of your home and impart a pleasant yellow glow. Also, replacing standard light switches with dimmers can enable you to control the brightness and set the mood.

# Maximize unused corners: We all have nooks and corners in our home which lie largely unused. A simple DIY solution is putting up some simple floating shelves in those corners. Not only will you have extra storage space, it will enhance the look and feel and liven up your home.

# Refurbish old furniture: We often feel tired of the looks of our same old furniture which are otherwise in perfect working condition. Simple DIY solutions like painting, reupholstering and altering their placements can make those look bright and new again.

# Bring in the green: Install potted plants and flowers to freshen up your home and add a dose of greenery and vitality to your home. There are certain tough plant species which don’t require too much care and watering, in case you are short on time.

# Do up the entrance: While this area is perhaps the most used, it often remains neglected as being just the means of entry and egress. However, simple upgrades like putting up a few paintings on the walls, placing a bench or throwing in a new rug can work wonders to create an impactful impression for those stepping in.

# Create a pet corner: By creating a special space for your pet, you not only give them excitement and gratification, it also serves to brighten up your home. Some simple additions can include wall-fitted jungle gyms, tiny water fountains, etc.

# Install smart features: These days, you can easily turn your old home into a new smart home by installing some smart features like camera-enabled doorbells, self-programmable thermostats and many more such smart gadgets readily available.

# Cut the clutter: Unseemly chords hanging from your TV monitor or tangled in a messy branch behind your amplifier and speakers can really exude a sense of ugly clutter. There are simple DIY solutions to dress up these loose-dangling wires into an organized bunch and stow them away out of sight.

# Install adhesive veneers: These are easy-to-install wall coverings which can impart a sense of texture. Without an extensive overhaul, you can make your home look very new with a different and updated look and feel by using these veneers.

# Give your flooring a makeover: While overhauling the flooring itself can be an expensive affair, there are cheaper and simpler DIY options like changing the floor upholstery, throwing in some rugs and carpets and other soft furnishing for the visible portions like bamboo rugs and weaves.

# Create your own corner: You can dedicate one nook of your home to your passion area, showcasing elements that make up you as a person. Let the pictures/posters on the walls and the pieces of artifacts, etc speak out loud and eloquent to delineate your domain of love. It adds that organic flavour and personal touch to your abode.

# Augment your bathroom space: The bathroom is another oft-neglected space in our home and deemed to be just a utility. Irrespective of the size of your bathroom/s, you can make it look better and bigger. For instance, just installing a large mirror can enhance the sense of space. To relieve boredom and add some colour, you can install motif tiles. New faucets and fittings can also do wonders.

# Put up mirrors on the wall: Mirrors have this amazing ability to usher in more light and make spaces inside your home seem much larger than they actually are. Hanging up some mirrors on walls which you think stand in perhaps a dull section of your home can make magic.

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