October 14, 2022

Simple tips to make your home look bigger

You can make some very basic alterations and use your imagination to give your home a more spacious look. Here are some easy-to-implement tips:

# Cut the clutter: Decongest your home by neatly arranging your stuff inside storage cabinets so that there is much less visual clutter. Keep the floors free and don’t crowd your walls with too many hangings like paintings or other fixtures. A minimalist approach towards interiors always helps create a sense of expanse and your home will look bigger.

# Use lighter shades: By using light colours on your walls, you will be able to maximize natural light and give a brighter, more spacious look to your apartment or house. Lighter shades exude a feel of openness and better ventilation, thus spreading a sense of calm and serenity, while darker colours can make your rooms look smaller since those tend to absorb light.

# Get creative with lighting: Your rooms will always look larger when they are well-lit. The first trick is of course to allow maximum natural light to filter in by opening up the windows and removing heavy drapes and curtains or using sheers. You can also try using creative lighting fixtures like recessed lighting, etc. These can have a dramatic effect on the sense of space.

# Use mirrors: Using mirrors on your walls or furniture can emphatically create an illusion of space and make your home look much bigger than it actually is. Consider large framed mirrors on the walls directed towards a focal point to enhance the sense of space. Mirrors reflect both natural and artificial light to brighten up your home and hence the mood.

# Use your imagination with arrangements: Customize your furniture to fit comfortably into your rooms. Accentuate the open spaces by placing the larger pieces against the walls and refrain from blocking the floor space with fixtures and accessories. Create built-in storage space within your furniture pieces so that you can further maximize your open spaces.

# Use glass wherever possible: Glass or other transparent materials can also enhance the sense of space magically. For instance, a clear shower enclosure works much better than an opaque one, creating an illusion of extra space in your bathroom. Glass can also be used on tabletops to make the space around those seem larger than they actually are.

# Keep upholstery, window fabrics plain: It is always advisable to use single-coloured upholstery for furniture and breezy sheer fabrics or linen for windows. By keeping it light and simple, you can create a perception of space and airiness.

# Decorate sparingly: Don’t clutter up your home with too much décor. The arrangements must be placed in a manner to minimize visual clutter. Remember, less is more and it’s important to let your walls breathe. Your home will automatically feel roomier.

# Try to create a centre of attraction: By using your imagination to create a focal point in every room, you can decongest your home visually as well. The idea is to have one zone or feature to catch the eye, so that you can keep the additional décor to a minimum.

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Simple tips to make your home look bigger