December 20, 2022

The right home décor for your kids

Children are absolutely crazy about their rooms and hence, creating a beautiful nook for your child inside your home can be an extremely rewarding experience, even though it could be challenging. The children’s room is their refuge, their comfort zone, their very own arena to play, create, study and rest, and just be themselves. Hence a lot of thought must go into designing it, with a sharp eye for detailing.

Here are a few suggestions to design your children’s home:

# Keep it simple: One cardinal rule to remember while designing the kids’ room is that ‘less is more’. So use bare minimum furnishings and keep ample space to play and move around. Make sure their things are stored at reachable heights. Simple wall shelves in various shapes and sizes fitted at a user-friendly height can help.

# Respect their privacy: Children love to have their little private lair which cannot be easily accessed by elders. Create a cozy nook for them using curtain tents or flexible separators. This is where they can spend quality time with themselves with their favourite books perhaps. Their own magic retreat…

# Enable them to learn and grow: By creating a reading corner with a study table and maybe bulletin boards, you can encourage your child to read more and learn more. Posters with useful information or colourful geographical maps could also be helpful and enjoyable learning tools. The study corner can be a powerful catalyst to inspire learning and experimentation for those impressionable minds.

# Stoke their creativity: Children are growing and developing every day and they need a canvas to express their creativity which is coloured by their imagination. You can give them a blank canvas to paint or work on or use chalkboard paint on the wall which can actually work as a blackboard. Having their own canvas to express themselves can encourage their creativity as they can give their imagination a free rein.

# Bright and vibrant: All children love colours. So make their room as colourful and vibrant as possible, by using bright colours on the walls, curtains and upholstery, attractive wall hangings, colourful cutouts of their favourite cartoon series/superheroes characters, and similar embellishments.

# Add a whiff of magic: Children create magic in their minds with their unbridled imagination. You can add a touch of magic to their room by using glow paint that shines in the dark, a sky-ceiling or a city skyline painted on the fringes to create an interesting backdrop, feel and ambience. These small details can cast a spell on your child.

# Children like collecting things: Kids are habitual collectors. They collect and store everything, from stamps to posters to pictures of their heroes and everything that catches their fancy. So do up their room in such a manner that they can access all their little treasures easily. For instance, you can clip their cards and posters on a string and hang those up near the window or some other part of the room like a screen.

# Light is vital: Make sure that there’s ample natural light streaming into your child’s room. Use different types of lighting fixtures to give the room an interesting and happy look and don’t forget to install a reading light in the study corner.

# Go creative on storage space: Children need to stow away all their belongings when they are not using those, and remember every piece of their stuff is absolutely precious to them. So use creative ideas to make storage room for them like quirky wall-mounted shelves, bright corner cupboards and other imaginative nooks and crannies that add fun to the décor while serving as storage spaces as well.

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Children are absolutely crazy about their rooms and hence, creating a beautiful nook for your child inside your home can be an extremely rewarding experience even though it could be challenging. The children’s room is their refuge..