March 19, 2024

Tips for easy packing while moving to a new home

Moving houses can be a daunting process, with so many loose ends to tie up and boxes to tick. However, with the right planning and preparation, the task of packing and moving can become a lot less stressful and the switch to the new place much smoother.

From decluttering to packing, arranging for transportation and ensuring safe passage of your valuable possessions – an entire gamut of elements must be taken care of for a seamless shift from Point A to Point B.

Here are a few useful tips for packing while moving house:

# Downsize and declutter: Try to figure out the most essential items that you will need in your new home and get rid of things you won’t require. One of the best thumb rules for decluttering is discard anything you haven’t used in the past one year.

# Use appropriate boxes: To lessen the chances of damage to your belongings and for ease of transportation, use boxes of correct sizes, like larger boxes for lighter items like pillows and linens and smaller ones for relatively heavier boxes like appliances, books, etc.

# Follow a loading pattern: Heavy boxes should be loaded first at the bottom, preferably towards the front of the vehicle. This ensures proper load distribution and balance, thus minimizing chances of damage to your precious belongings.

# Plug the gaps: While packing your stuff, ensure those are tightly placed in the boxes, with no empty space between items. Plug gaps with soft items like towels, sheets or paper. Keeping the boxes tight will ensure that your things reach your new home safe and sound and with no breakage.

# Label diligently: Stick proper labels on your boxes indicating the nature of items inside and in which part of the new home those are supposed to be unpacked. Even better if you attach numbers to your boxes so that you can maintain an easy inventory for a smooth unpacking experience.

# Seal boxes properly: After each box is packed, you must ensure that you use duct tape to secure it properly, sealing the seams at the top and bottom. To make your belongings doubly safe, wrap the roll of tape around the boxes, covering the edges well. This also makes handling simpler.

# Protect fragile items: When packing your bone China and your precious framed wall paintings, make sure you take extra caution by using bubble wrap and packing paper to prevent friction and damage. You can use masking tape and padding for an extra layer of security.

# Packing shoes and clothes: Put folded clothes into cardboard boxes, while you can use wardrobe boxes for your hanging clothes so that unpacking becomes easier. While packing shoes, you can use shoe bags and socks or clothing as padding to make the transfer easier.

# Keep electronics safe: Your TV set as well as your speaker systems and other electronic items need special care and extra padding while packing. You can use quilted padding or other forms of cushioning for that added protection and always make sure that these items are not in prone position during transit.

Yes, packing is not an easy task, in fact it can be quite tedious and draining. But with right planning and preparation and by giving yourself enough time to arrange for storage and transportation, you can always make sure that nothing goes majorly wrong.

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