July 03, 2023

Tips to conserve energy at home to cut power bills and save nature

Conserving energy at home is the habit of using less power to lower energy bills, which in turn reduces the environmental impact of producing and consuming energy. While it entails dialing down on the use of electricity and gas, it’s also about simple day-to-day habits like turning off the lights and fans when you step out of a room, or appliances when not in use.

You can also try performing some manual household chores like hang-drying clothes instead of putting those in the dryer, using your hands to wash dishes and not putting them in the dishwasher, etc. These small habits in everyday life can go a long way in not only lessening your power bill load, but also contribute significantly towards protecting the environment. After all, there are only finite reserves of energy on our planet and when we consume energy responsibly at home, we are doing a world of good to our planet as well.

Here are some simple tips to save energy at home:

# Switch off: A good place to start in curbing domestic energy consumption is to inculcate the habit of switching off all lights and fans while leaving a room. It’s a simple daily practice that can result in substantial savings in your energy bills if followed religiously

# Change your lightbulbs: Switch to LED (light-emitting diode) bulbs which consume at least 25% less electricity and last up to 10 times longer than traditional incandescent lightbulbs. What’s more, these lights are stylish and much more affordable.

# Use energy-efficient appliances: Opting for smarter, more energy-efficient home appliances can help cut energy usage by 50%. This is all the more applicable for refrigerators and dryers, which are extremely energy-intensive consumer durables. Also, energy-efficiency of appliances wane with age. So, make sure you do proper preventive maintenance and replace those when necessary.

# Unplug your devices: Make sure to switch off all your devices when not in use. Even when you keep your devices on standby mode, they consume power. So, it’s best to unplug your TV or DVD player while idle. Smart automated devices can detect when the device is not in use and turn off the power supply

# Use instant water heaters: Switching to instant water heaters can help save up to 25% of your energy bill compared to when you use storage heaters. Every time you don’t use the water you heat and store in the tank, it gets cold and must be heated all over again. This results in needless power bills. Instant heaters, on the other hand, provide water on demand and don’t need a storage tank. Hence, there’s no standby energy loss

# Cut down on water usage: If you work consciously towards it, you can reduce domestic water consumption substantially. For instance, take quick showers and turn off faucets when not in use, even for a few seconds when doable. Also, use only the amount of water you need during cooking. It helps to reduce water consumption if you keep the lid on while cooking

# Insulate your home properly: When you take care to insulate your home well, it’s a lot easier to keep the inside cool or heated, whatever the need of the season. Using double-glazed glass on windows and making sure that the doors and windows are shut properly when the air-conditioners are in use helps save energy and lower your bills.

# Use solar-powered devices: There are a clutch of solar-powered home appliances and electronic products available in the market these days which can help in not only cutting power bills but protecting the environment as well. Also, solar-powered electronic devices are easier and cheaper to maintain

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