August 26, 2019

Top 12 Home Design Hacks Based on Your Zodiac Sign

Home styling involves ‘variety’ and for indulging into a gamut of variety, your zodiac sign can be pretty handy. Different zodiac signs exhibit diverse personality traits and can be deemed to be necessary resources that leverage synergies in terms of crafting innumerable designs and intriguing settings for your sweet home.

Home Design Hacks Based on Your Zodiac Sign


If you are an Aries, you know you are motivated, passionate and confident with relentless determination. Also, you are quite direct and uncomplicated in your approach. Going by this, your home should have modern features with clean lines.

Especially when it comes to color, a signature hue of red, shots of crimson or hot pink keeps you driven. You have an undaunted competitive spirit in you. There is an instinct to decorate your home with symbols of your conquests, inspirational quotes, mementos or trophies that makes great home accessories.

Many Aries women are entrepreneurs, so build a lot of bookshelves as you love to read. You love to maintain a frantic pace and are highly creative. So you can transmute an extra room into a painting studio or dance area.


You are sensual and tuned to physical pleasures. Every detail counts for you and you will invest in the best of everything. You have a natural stride towards beautiful things and your home becomes a canvas for your expression.

When it comes to decoration, only miniatures do not satisfy your detailing quotient. You love larger artwork pieces and appreciate items that have history and sustenance. You also relax in style and elegance. Persian rugs and deep leather sofas align with your likings.

Comfort is your staple. Thus, your bedroom needs to be out of the box. 600 thread-count bed sheets or linen sheets, down pillows and a dynamic mahogany frame are crucial for your indulgence to unfettered comfort.


You are flamboyant, diverse, ever-changing and distinctively creative. Coming to colors, fun and vibrancy are part of your home. You can rock combinations like orange and lavender or hot pink with chartreuse.

Your soul craves and reflects a duality. Thus, mirrors can be contemplated as good elements for your home décor. Beautifully crafted mirrors create the illusion of space that matches exactly with the dual persona.

You are a fun-loving person and like to socialize profusely. So you get less time for flowering but your craving for flowers can be met by artificial flowers. Select hand-picked artificial plants that would serve as the perfect solution.

The kitchen is a space for quick preparation for your guests arriving unexpectedly. Your kitchen should be simple with light wood, minimal accessories and have bright colors.


You are ultra-sensitive, gentle and kind. You are also tender, intuitive and loving. Nurturing is in your blood and so your home environment must be an inviting one where bonding can take place. Your living space should radiate a feeling of safety, hospitality, and warmth.

You associate a strong attachment to the past. You have an affinity to all things that look, feel and are old. Hence, you can decorate your room with antiques. Vintage furniture is another favorite.

Flowers and plants are prominent features of your home. You prefer potted plants to cut ones. This is because this allows you to grow and nurture. Your favorite color is probably white and you can indulge in white lilies for that matter.


You are born leaders. You are creative, self-confident, dominant and responsible. A humble yet luxurious boudoir, your home will be filled with vibrant elements. Bright yellows along with golden oranges or marigold can be regarded as best color combinations as you are ruled by the sun.

As a fire sign, you need a playful and inviting den or sitting area especially if it has a working fireplace. Your bedroom is private, personal and warm. Your bed gets most of the attention due to its demanding boldness and size. The frame of the bed is usually immense, striking and extravagant.

A Leo kitchen is modern and utilitarian in style. Your kitchen is fully stocked with trendy and space-saving accessories. Of course, these accessories are of the finest brands available in the market as you are fascinated by big brands.


You are a humble person and a perfectionist. Cleanliness is your intrinsic attribute and a single piece of dirt irritates you. Entering your home is synonymous with a religious experience. A clean and natural look works best for you.

Your furniture should be basic and comfortable and don neutral colors like celadon green, white or dove gray. You try to avoid heavy antiques, overly plush carpets and anything too decorative. You are always promising to your closest friend and family. Good company soothes your soul.

Thus, if you have a big kitchen, set up a cozy nook with a beautiful table where you can share a long conversation or curl up with a great with a nice cup of coffee. To continue your endless decorating adventures, invest in beautiful towels and soaps in your bathroom.


The words that can be associated with you are freedom, expansion, learning, and travelling. You love outdoors and wide-open spaces. So bring the outdoors in. Indulge in an indoor garden.

Your love of learning directs that your room should be spacious enough for all your books, travel treasures and the varied projects that you work on at any given time.

You also rule religion. So, you can adorn your home with statues of gods or goddesses. Your color craving is also dynamic. You love bright colors like hot pink, orange or chartreuse.

Please do not bother to invest in expensive and fussy furnishings since you will have many visitors. Your main investments should be a comfy couch, great lighting, and an informal dining table. You can get creative from there.


You are ambitious, persistent, realistic, sensitive, practical and disciplined. You will strike an attractive balance by indulging in a classic, modern, comfortable and utilitarian design.

You are the “father” sign and your furniture reflects the same. Grandfather clocks, large armoires, leather sofas or a mahogany cabinet are some elements that you would always prefer and indulge into.

As you are hard-working, you value craftsmanship. You love creating art and showpieces. A great work area is also very important for you. You can invest in a heavy executive-style wooden desk with a leather chair as support.

You are nostalgic too. Hence, you can incorporate family pieces, framed photos, and memorabilia. You can also proudly display your achievements and accomplishments.


You have your quieter side but also have great wit and intelligence. You look at the world full of possibilities. So keep the colors of your room vibrant and energetic. You are the water-bearer sign.

So indulge in vases and urns in your room. You love vibrant hues and colors of ocean-like salmon, violet, and blue. As an air sign, I also need roomy space with a lot of ventilation. To create the airy feeling of space you crave, you love sunlight, dangling plants, big windows, and hanging pots.

You barely sleep. Thus keep your bedroom simple. Rather turn your bedroom into a home office. Invest in a grand desk or computer and also indulge in nice and big speakers.


You belong to the water element of the zodiac. Your sense of style is unique as you tastefully decorate every room. To compliment your spiritual side, indulge in silk meditation pillows, natural fibers and serene sea colors like lilac or celadon green.

As you are a water sign, you might live near water or indulge in a decorating scheme with a Zen fountain or an aquarium. Your living room is embedded with a sensual vibe and you love to give a sensuous touch by installing scented candles.

Home to you is an abode to daydream. So fill your room with beautiful music or just keep with the resonant sound of silence.


You are the most artistic sign of the zodiac. Your home must have a perfect balance of beauty, harmony, and peace. Your styling philosophy is ‘less is more’. Art and ornaments must be kept to the minimum for maximum impact. Central eye-catching pieces that calm the senses are an excellent choice for your living room especially.

You rule relationship. To make sure your home accommodate a relationship, decorate with pairs. Indulge in two bedside tables or install matching vases to conjure the energy of the relationship. You also like a clean and uncluttered environment. Allow yourself to good organization.


You are famously enigmatic with dark undertones. You can easily be the center of attraction or be a silent observer at the same time. Going by this, you prefer darker shades in all colors. The colors that you prefer mainly are deep viridian blues or rich ruby red.

You are also cypher-like. You fiercely guard your privacy and this is reflected in the little nooks and deep corners. Plush sofas, delicate curtains, and subdued lighting are some typical features that your home will flaunt.

For many of you, the bedroom is a sanctuary. Most of you will like a bedroom with blackout curtains and an attached balcony. Classic canopy beds featuring antique light fittings are favored significantly.

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