September 10, 2022

Use of amenities to attract home-buyers

Live. Work. Play. These three words encapsulate the basic drivers that influence home-buying decisions these days. In today’s dense and stressful urban lifestyle, new-age home-seekers are not just looking for a dwelling unit, they are looking for a “home-plus”. They want to live in a space (preferably a gated community) that can calm their minds and help ease their stress through a plethora of built-in features and amenities like clubhouse, gym, swimming pool, children’s park, power backup, safe water supply, a reliable security system and lots more.

Presence of extra features and amenities can often sway the home-buyers’ decision and real estate developers are scrambling to provide as many “plus” features in their projects as they possibly can. Perhaps more so in the post-pandemic world, home-seekers have become much more conscious of both physical and mental well-being, and this is inextricably linked to the social infrastructure of the property. Hence homes are no longer where you return from work only to retire for the day. It’s your personal domain to relax and enjoy with the family.

Some of the common shared amenities provided inside residential complexes are:

# Gymnasium

# Swimming pool

# Children’s play area

# Clubhouse

# Organized parking slots

# 24/7 power backup

# Dedicated power transformer

# Indoor games

# Jogging/walking pathway

# Landscaped greens

# Yoga, meditation center

Why have amenities become such an attractive proposition?

Nowadays, people want to live in residential complexes with a well-planned social infrastructure. The hectic pace of life and the stress it causes have changed the outlook of home-seekers radically. It’s about relaxation, healthy environment as well as entertainment options without having to step out of the housing project.

Some of the reasons why amenities in a residential property are deemed precious include:

# Need to de-stress: Urban stress is the biggest killer today, and people are always looking for avenues to de-stress. So, at the end of a draining workday, what can be more alluring to return home and go for a relaxing swim or a rejuvenating jog on the greens?

# An in-built community: A housing society with multiple amenities also offer a strong sense of community bonding inside the complex itself. Residents come together to celebrate festivals, take part in sports and cultural activities together and in general, make friends and create a micro-community with healthy bonhomie.

# Something in it for all: Extra features designed in modern residential properties are meant to cater to different age groups, hence there’s something for everybody. Whether it’s a morning stroll in the park or a vigorous session of gym-ing, residents of all ages can find their own pursuit.

# The lifestyle quotient: A well-appointed condo complex can boost your lifestyle quotient significantly. Being able to play tennis or billiards or having a meal at the clubhouse restaurant with family and friends without needing to step out is a hugely gratifying luxury.

# Sense of well-being: For a large percentage of the modern home-buyer, personal and family health and well-being is a very important consideration while choosing a home. Hence, well-conceived projects with gym, sports facilities, health spa, yoga and meditation centre, etc are in high demand. Home has to be a holistic entity that helps promote physical, mental and social well-being.

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