April 18, 2024

Vastu tips for your puja room

Vastu Shastra is an ancient science that helps us iron out the creases in our lives and keeps evil forces and negative energy at bay. Since proper vastu can create a safe and protective environment for us, it is imperative that all the living spaces in the house are planned with vastu elements in mind. The puja room, which is the holy recess in our house, is no exception. When planned and laid out in accordance with vastu guidelines, the puja room can bring us boundless joy, peace and wealth.

For maximum positive energy to be channelized into your puja room, follow these tips:

# The puja room should be situated on the north, east or north-east direction of the house

# If the ceiling of the puja room can be designed as a pyramid-like structure, more positive energy can be concentrated in the room

# In a multi-storied house, the puja room should be on the ground level, but not in the basement or underneath the stairway

# It’s not a good idea to have your puja space inside your bedroom or having a wall of the puja room adjacent to the bedroom or toilet

# Go for lighter colours like white, light blue or pale yellow and avoid darker or brighter shades. It brings on a feeling of peace

# Ideally, the door to the puja room should be a double-shutter one with a threshold

# Don’t place an idol right at the entrance and make sure that it’s not taller than 9 inches, while sitting at least 6 inches from the floor level

# The person praying should be facing towards the east or north, and fire offerings or yajnas should be done facing east

# It is regarded as inauspicious to keep photographs or paintings of a deceased relative, death or conflict in the puja room

# It is advisable to have a window towards the north-east direction

# Artificial lights can always be used to augment the light coming from diyas

# No broken idols should be kept in the puja room and idols should not face each other

# The puja room should not be used for storage purposes

# Keeping a crystal conch shell in the puja room is considered auspicious

# The puja room must always be kept squeaky clean

# Cabinets in the puja room should be placed in the south-east direction to ensure that natural light is not obstructed

Remember, your puja room is not just about radiating positive vibes in the house, but also a vehicle that helps you connect with divine energies. So, when you follow the vastu guidelines for your puja room meticulously, it can reward you and your family by driving away all the negative energy and inject your home with joy and positivity.

The benefits of a vastu-compliant puja room are many, like improved focus, positive energy flow, peace of mind, spiritual growth, family bonding and an overall sense of well-being.

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