June 15, 2024

What makes a property a Luxury Home?

There isn’t really a dictionary definition of a ‘luxury home’ per se, except that it exudes a sense of lavishness and affluence. More specifically, luxury homes constitute the crème de la crème of real estate properties in the area, are usually opulent in their dimensions, use top-of-the-drawer materials, finishes, appliances and design, and offer upscale features that make the residences safer, more comfortable and fun to live in.

Here are some of the key attributes that create a luxury home:

# Prime location: Coveted locations can often determine the exclusivity of a residence. A desired location could be a happening strip of exciting cafes and restaurants and hip stores, overlooking an expansive lake or even the dead end of a quiet residential street.

# Design & décor: Lavish design and décor inspired by global architectural trends or based on a heritage theme/grand monument can add distinction to a residence and catapult it to the domain of luxury home. Smart architecture can create interesting nooks and crannies for art enthusiasts, embellishing the property with elegant arches and porticos, or go for cutting-edge modern deconstruction language.

# Smart tech features: A luxury home must also be tech-smart. Such features include high-end security systems with Internet-connected cameras, motion-sensor lighting, timer-set lights, sunlight-sensing curtains, smart thermostat to help reduce energy costs, smart audio systems, etc.

# Luxe amenities: To heighten the aura of exclusivity, luxury residences come with lavish amenities like a fitness room for an exclusive gym experience, mini theatres, edge pool, sitting plazas, secure play zones for children, walk-in closets and dressing areas, storage island with charging station, and lots more.

# Spa-standard bathroom: A spa experience at home where you can soak your stress away. That’s what a luxury home can offer. So, developers usually make sure that the master bathroom in the apartment gives you that feel. From skid-safe flooring, top-of-the-line marble tiles to soaking tubs, rain-head showers, it gives you the works. Such bathrooms are designed in such a way as to ensure maximum natural light filtering through. Other elements like wooden furniture, stone countertops, aroma candles, etc complete the spa experience.

# Lavish kitchen: Luxury homes often come with high-end, restaurant-standard kitchens equipped with industry-grade appliances like a multiple-burner gas stove, granite countertops, warming drawers to keep food at optimum temperatures before being served, etc. Keeping in mind the need to cater to a large number of guests, such elite kitchens can also boast a wine refrigerator, large islands with storage and prep tops, etc.

# Entertainment zone: Bring the entertainment home. You can actually do that in many luxury homes these days. From large projection screen/high-definition TV to studio-quality surround-sound speakers to video game consoles and gaming chairs or even some mini indoor games like futsal or table tennis, the entertainment zone provides you with enough reasons to stay home and have fun with family and friends.

# A view to die for: Through careful planning of the layout and design, such luxury lairs usually take great care to maximize the drama of the ambient surroundings by offering breathtaking vistas from multiple corners of your home. Large balconies, French windows, terrace gardens and other such elements accentuate the view to elevate your home to the realms of the ethereal.

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