Bangabhumi Constructions Pvt Ltd

Building Destinations!!



Deep rooted trust, transparency and wisdom in Real Estate for over 30 years, the promoters of Prudent Infrarealty have made it in tune with the market trends for steady growth. Be it infra-structural development or maintaining business relations, Prudent Infrarealty focuses on balanced and fair actions. With a strong team, sheer determination and positive thinking, Prudent Infrarealty is confident to grow big.

Apart from innovations in designing residential and commercial projects, Prudent Infrarealty looks forward to a greener environment with a vision towards greater social responsibility. At Prudent Infrarealty, it's not just about the brick and mortar, it's about transforming big strides into giant leaps as we build destinations of the future. Prudent Infrarealty has also partnered with respected city developers for some of our projects to pull in competencies and establish higher levels of credibility. As Prudent Infrarealty covers more ground, the stakeholders are convinced that they will continue to build their reputation as a respected and trusted partner to the stakeholders.

Projects owned by Bangabhumi Constructions Pvt Ltd :

Prudent Jaishree

Prudent Srikrishna