Amaya Realty

Creating Landmarks!!



Amaya Realty is an alliance of three apex developers wanting to create landmarks together. Three eminent developer groups based in Kolkata, namely, Empress Group, Space Group & Prudent Infrarealty, come together, their sole identity being back-to-back successes, consolidated by a combined 5 decades of hardcore experience in real estate development. The individual groups flaunt an array of magnificent residential, commercial, retail, club & IT portfolios, with projects suited to every group as per requirement. They come together now, planning an execution of over 8 million sq.ft., to be developed in and around Kolkata.

Prudent lnfrarealty:Prudent lnfrarealty convincingly believes that the brilliance of an idea can only be realised through its delivery. Through the application of consistent discipline and organised planning in every aspect of the development process, Prudent always ensures that revolutionary ideas are realised to their true potential.
Utilisation of best-in-class resources and construction practices are adhered to the highest standards of quality here. Prudent's customer-centricity is reflected in the fact that it possesses a robust after-sales service team backed by an institutionalised customer relation setting.
Prudent has delivered projects within schedule, leading to zero customer grievances, and its ongoing properties are also progressing according to the pre-set timelines.

Space Group :In the last three decades of its existence, the Space Group has marketed more than 5000 apartments thus by far evolving from local to a national entity. It has provided more than 7 million sq.ft of residential space and rented more than 1.3 million sq.ft of commercial space.
The group has succeeded because it has studied international trends, pioneered an international residential lifestyle quality at an affordable price, educated consumers and raised aspirations. The group's success has been driven by its after - sales service, its ability to customize apartments to owners needs and an ability to enhance the respectability of the entire pin-code in which it selects to locate its projects.

Empress Group:The Empress Group is synonymous with excellence, inspiring integrity, resilient relationships and above all, quintessential quality.
A veritably seasoned entity - The Empress Group possesses a decade-rich experience in the development of showpiece real estate properties across 1.6 million sq.ft in residential and commercial spectrum.
A unique combination of strengthened focus, independent vision resource mobilisation and organization-building is the fundamental mantra backing the Empress Group. The group is a member of the Indian Green Building Council.

Amaya Realty inherits core values of Transparency, Clear Titles and Ethical Business Practices and the same set the company apart. A strict adherence to statutory compliances has earned Amaya Realty admiration from all its delighted customers.

Projects on offer :

- Altius

- Amaya Residences

- Kshitij

- Clubtown Riverdale

- Two Janki Shah