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Isha Group’s journey began in Kolkata in the early 20th century when the illustrious businessman Rai Bahdur Sukh Lal Karnani ventured in the business of Real Estate development. In the early days, the company embarked on several residential and commercial projects, which have now become landmarks in the city. Karnani Estate (1944) on A.J.C. Bose Road with over 200 units, S.S.K.M Hospital (1946) named after the pioneering figure of Isha Group, Rai Bahdur Sukh Lal Karnani. Following on the footsteps of his ancestors, Mahesh Karnani continued the business of Real Estate development incorporating modern state-of-the art technology and has till date built several superior residential and commercial projects in Kolkata.

Over the years, Isha Group has consistently delivered on their promise of unparalleled quality and hassle free purchase of homes and offices.
In the changing times, their efforts continue to incorporate modern energy efficient technologies to enable us to build smarter.

Commercial Projects on offer :

- 23 (Offices)